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Our Dakota Neighbors Contest

One winner will be picked from each of the following states: Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. These winners will receive a free two night stay in our hotel, two buffet dinners and two breakfasts in the Gold Nugget Buffet (a $250.00 value). 

Our Long-Distance Contest

One winner will be picked from anywhere in the world not mentioned above! This winner receives a free two night stay in our hotel, two buffet dinners and two breakfasts in the Gold Nugget Buffet (a $250.00 value).  

Congratulations to our following winners:

October 2108 Winners:

MN-Linda A

NE-John G

ND-Troy C

SD-Gin B

WY-Victoria B

National-Shannon O


September 2108 Winners:

MN-James J

NE-Kim C

ND-Stephanie H

SD-Duane L

WY-Beth N

National-Bill H


August 2108 Winners:

MN-Brenda R

NE-Staci W

ND-Marilyn G

SD-David S

WY-Cheryl C

National-Julianne O


July 2108 Winners:

MN-Dick N

NE-Everett P

ND-Deborah K

SD-Diane B

WY-Brian B

National-Terry A


June 2108 Winners:

MN-Richard W

NE-Julie S

ND-Simon S

SD-Lisa W

WY-Melvin K

National-Ann M


May 2108 Winners:

MN-Jane K

NE-Ryan M

ND-Emily A

SD-Stacey L

WY-Hayley P

National-Debbie G


April 2108 Winners:

MN-Jody Z

NE-Meghann B

ND-Linda W

SD-Jill K

WY-Casi C

National-Cynthia S


March 2018 Winners:

MN-Debra M

NE-Lela T

ND-Carrie N

SD-David S

WY-Dennis K

National-Christine V


February 2018 Winners:

MN-Doreen N

NE-Vickie R

ND-Debra P

SD-Claude M

WY-Rich R

National-Charlene M


January 2018 Winners:

MN-Richard P

NE-Dorothy S

ND-Angel S

SD-Stephanie D

WY-Tim R

National-Carol F


December 2017 Winners:

MN-Deb B

NE-Tim G

ND-Kent R

SD-Kim I

WY-Jessica K

National-Beverly S


November 2017 Winners:

MN-Jessica C

NE-Dave K

ND-Blaine H

SD-Kristina A

WY-Trish H

National-Lynda S


October 2017 Winners:

MN-Jeanette J

NE-Rachel H

ND-Bruce C

SD-Janice K

WY-Dale S

National-Kevin M


September 2017 Winners:

MN-Lisa H

NE-Brenda W

ND-Carol S

SD-Charles L

WY-Dee Ann R

National-Daniel C


August 2017 Winners:

MN-Andrea D

NE-Barb J

ND-Bev R

SD-Todd B

WY-Jack W

National-Kirk N


July 2017 Winners:

MN-John B

NE-Joni C

ND-Jim H

SD-Sharon L

WY-Spence S

National-Randy W


June 2017 Winners:

MN-Kathleen N

NE-Connie P

ND-William R

SD-Laura C

WY-Larry K

National-Holly T


May 2017 Winners:

MN-Lindy M

NE-Don S

ND-James H

SD-Aimee L

WY-Steve S

National-Martin K


April 2017 Winners:

MN-Donna O

NE-Sydney P

ND-Marlene G

SD-Angela M

WY-John S

National-Andrea C


March 2017 Winners:

MN-Muriel S

NE-Tracy L

ND-Valerie T

SD-Jason M

WY-Eydie S

National-Phillip R


February 2017 Winners:

MN-Susan D

NE-Danny W

ND-Marcia A

SD-Barb M

WY-Maxine S

National-Sharon J


January 2017 Winners:

MN-Michael H

NE-Rita W

ND-Kathy B

SD-Lindsey K

WY-Tanya J

National-Joanna S


December Winners:

MN-Bruce N

NE-Cortney S

ND-Sandi G

SD-Dawn S

WY-Marjorie H

National- Ron M

November Winners:
MN-Christine G
NE-Jeanann F
ND-Emily A
SD-Stacey L
WY-Neal S
National- Kevin M

October Winners:
MN-John H
NE-Marilyn B
ND-Paul N
SD-Kelly B
WY-Brian B
National – Deborah B

September Winners:
MN- Gina M
NE-Jill P
ND-Dallas P
SD-Glen W
WY-Dennis K
National – Jack W

August Winners:
MN-Cathy R
NE-Sarah J
ND-Kayla R
SD-Steve W
WY- Bob K
National – Sierra G

July Winners:
MN-Kelly M
NE-Vickie R
ND-Susan G
SD-Liz K
WY-Flora T
National-Shannon B

June Winners:
MN-Larry B
NE-Lela T
ND-Leslie H
SD-Larry E
WY-Richard L
National-Terry A

May Winners:
MN-Elaine M
NE-Joseph C
ND-Clayton F
SD-Suzann M
WY-Aimee T
National- Janis Ann O

April Winners:
MN-James G
NE-Lauren W
ND-Deborah K
SD-Sherry H
WY-Tammy C
National-Carol W

March Winners:
MN-Linda A
NE-Gina M
ND-Sandra O
SD-Dannell K
WY-Anne H
National-Steven V

February Winners:
MN-Greg J
NE-Tracy H
ND-John O
SD-Mindy B
WY-Ryan M
National-Laura O

January Winners:
MN-Brenda R
NE-Jan J
ND-Connie H
SD-Terry C
WY- Julie L
National- David S 

December Winners:
MN-Cher D
NE-Brett K
ND-Dennis B
SD-Steve W
WY-David S
National-Mike M

November Winners:
MN-Mary P
NE-Lucinda F
ND-Val G
SD-Bradley H
WY-Lisa D
National – Mandi M

October Winners:
MN-Jill P
NE-Danny W
ND-Pete W
SD-Michelle S
WY-Janice H
National-Heather C

September Winners:
MN-Connie B
NE-David B
ND-Adam A
SD-Reba B
WY-Charlene B
National – Stephanie B

August 2015 Winners:
MN-Mark B
NE-Jody L
ND-Trisha O
SD-Lisa W
WY-Sheila W
National-William D

July 2015 Winners:
MN-Jason B
NE-Staci W
ND-Carol H
SD-Sarah M
WY-Dennis K
National-Dallas H

June 2015 Winner:
MN-Doreen N
NE-Julie A
ND-Harold A
SD-Jim B
WY-Caitlin M
National- Paul K

May 2015 Winners:
MN-Amanda L
NE- Stanley D
ND-Kelly K
SD-Emily S
WY-Lisa O
National-Joyce R

April 2015 Winners:
MN-Priscilla P
NE-Duane L
ND-Lori Y
SD-Kim I
WY-Robert K
National – Julie C

March 2015 Winners:
MN-Roger T
NE-James W
ND-Michelle S
SD-Thane K
WY-Eydie S
National- Kevin M

February 2015 Winners:
MN-Janet S
NE-Heather N
ND-Wade W
SD-Farrel C
WY-Trish H
National-Kathy S

January 2015 Winners:
MN-John B
NE-Rachel H
ND-Phyllis B
SD-Mike M
WY-Ami E
National-Brandy P

December 2014 Winners:
MN-Tarah P
NE-Jill P
ND-Chuck M
SD-Alison P
WY-Dale H
National – Carol F

Contest Rules: Must be 21 years old to enter. All parts of entry form must be filled out to be entered in drawing. Room for free night stay based on availability. Can not be used during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Week. Winners will be drawn from the month's entries at the end of the month. One entry per person per contest (Please see Privacy Policy for details).

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